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Approved Testimonials

"Danielle, Now that the Greg & Mike program is off and running, I wanted to drop you a note and say one thing: Impressive. I'm impressed with how you put it all together. You're sort of like a U.N. Peace Negotiator - working with 2 families, the county, day program reps and your own staff. When I saw you last night at the apartment, I had the impression you were confident and in control. You gave off the vibe, "I got this." I'm sure we'll all have our challenges as this arrangement moves forward. But you should know that I have complete confidence that you'll take care of my precious son. Good job!"


Rick S.


"I met Danielle before she had created her vision, Creative Options. I was impressed by her deep concern for the clients & what was best for them. We needed in home help with our daughter & were pleased to find out that C.O. was able to provide those services as an agency. Our daughter was already familiar with Danielle & it was a good match. Her knowledge & experience were a good fit for our needs, which have become greater & we are less able to provide at this time. She has now moved out on her own & C.O. provides what she needs. There are several staff members that now take care of our daughter on a daily basis. C.O. makes sure that each staff member is trained & a good fit for her. C.O. has our daughter?s best interest in mind. What we as parents wanted to happen is what happened. There is an open dialog with staff & detailed notes, any questions we ask, the answer is on the tip of their tongue or in the notes. I would personally recommend Creative Options as a source of help."


C. E. Moore

Special Needs Father

"Great organization with an awesome owner! They really care about their clients and it shows in everything they do!"

Amy B

Community Partner

"Love the love they all give to my family and most of all my son!"

Tammy B


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